Our Brands

Original Ink Toner & Wide Format Cartridges

We supply a wide range of Original Branded Guaranteed Genuine Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges and Wide format Cartridges. Including brands such as Brother, Canon, Epson, Hewllett Packard, Lexmark and more. We only source genuine product.

Remanufactured Ink and Toner Cartridges

Are a used original Ink Cartridges and Toner Cartridges which have been cleaned, refilled and tested before packing. Guaranteed to work as well as the Original.

They cost less and are more environmentally friendly (The internal parts of our toners have been replaced). These brands include ACE and Jet Tec.

Compatible Ink Cartridge & Toners

These are brand new Cartridges made by our suppliers. They are made to a very high standard. Costing alot less than the Original Brands 100% compatible to the Original Brand. Fully Guaranteed Genuine Product.

Jet Tec

Number 1 in Europe

The Original Alternative. Rated as the Number 1 compatible brand for quality by many Graphic and Photographic side by side test comparisons. Independantly tested to yield the same quality as the original brand. These cartridges match or exceed specifications. Used by Pro Photographers and Graphic designers world wide for their high quality colour matching and consistent results. Printer manufacturers recommend only using top quality ink in their printers. No warranty issues with Jet Tec cartridges from the UK. Winner of numerous awards including the Queens award. No.1 brand in Europe. Most Jet Tec cartridges contain 20 - 100 % more ink than original brand. Some other brands claim to have extra ink in them but this ink can not be used. Jet Tec has the only patented chip that allows the user to get the extra ink that is put into their cartridges. Unlike most compatibles that are made in China. Jet Tec inks and cartridges are Made in the UK. Jet Tec also has a full range of bottled inks known as BULK INK, Refill Ink or Bottled Ink for people that prefer to refill their cartridges or for use in Continuous Ink Supply Systems ( CISS ). Jet Tec also has a range of high quality inkjet paper available. More info on Jet Tec products can be found on their Australian website: www.jettec.com.au or the UK web site: www.jettec.com.


The oldest name in photographics, older than Kodak. High quality / superior coatings. Archival papers. Large range of surfaces. Ilford have 2 ranges of paper. ILFORD PHOTO and ILFORD GALERIE Paper available from 6x4 inch , 5x7, A4 , A3, A3+ and wide format roll paper. The ILFORD PHOTO range can be compared to any of the Printer Brand papers in quality but generally for a better price. ILFORD Photo has a very wide range of surfaces, pack sizes and paper sizes. ILFORD Photo brand has evolved and expanded on the original Printasia and Desktop Photo ranges. ILFORD GALERIE paper is aimed at the High quality Professional User , Pro Photo type level. GALERIE is the next step up. Fantastic coatings that yield the best possible prints including High Gloss, ( super glossy sharp look ) and Gold Fiber for fantastic classical looking prints and wonderful Black & Whites. Both ranges provide a huge choice in paper sizes , pack sizes and coated surfaces. Printer profiles are available for download for nearly every paper type and printer combination and brand. Ilford are the leaders in coating technology and product papers for other companies. More info on ILFORD products can be found on their web site www.ilford.com/en


10% Discount

On all Jet Tec Refill Ink Kits

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Genuine Chip Resetter

Reset your own Canon and some compatible ink Cartridges

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Refill Tanks

Refill your own ink cartridges!

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Bundle Deals

Compatible HP 920XL and photo Paper

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Ink Cartridges

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