Frequently Asked Questions

Ink Cartridge not recognised?
Make sure that you have removed any print tape or protective clip from the ink cartridge. Ensure the electronic contacts of the ink cartridge are free from any particles, also make sure that inside your printer is clean and no dust / paper particles. Try unplugging your printer, after a couple of minutes turn the printer back on. (By unplugging your printer erases the memory in your printer of any previous ink cartridges. ) Should any of the ink cartridges still show a message "Not Recognised," gently unclip the ink cartridge and lift it out about 1 cm, then clip the ink cartridge back in. Press the start button and allow your printer driver to go through the starting process.

The colour on my photo is not right, what do I do?
Use the printer driver on your computer to perform a nozzle check. This will show if all the colours are working in the printer. If the pattern is good and the colours are correct the problem is not with the printer. Check your print settings and driver. If the pattern is bad or missing, perform a print head clean and then check the pattern again. If the pattern is still not good repeat the head clean and nozzle check process again. Never do more than 3 cleans and check is a row. If the pattern is bad after the third check, let the printer sit for about 20 minutes before trying again.

My print has lines through it and looks scratchy, what do i do?
Perform a head clean. Some of the tiny print head nozzles are probably blocked. Blockages can be caused by dry ink, paper dust and fibre and or air bubbles. Do a nozzle check after the clean to see if the cleaning fixed the problem. Never do more than 3 head cleans in a row, you will over load the wiper blades with ink and make the problem worse. Let the printer sit for 20 at least 20 mins before trying again.

What do I do if I can not fix a problem myself?
If the problem is related to an original brand inkjet cartridge contact the manufactures support line direct. eg Epson, Canon, HP.
If the problem is related to a compatible cartridge call our supplier Toll free on 1300 79 11 33 .
If the problem relates to paper or other products please email us at sales@acxpress

What happens if my printer is damaged?
In the unlikely event that you have a problem. We ( ACE ) will repair or replace any printer damaged as a direct result of using our products. Please provide a copy of the fault / repair quote from an authorised repair centre. Your printer warranty is not at risk by using alternative or compatible cartridges. It is illegal in Australia to void any warranty due the use of alternative supplies.

Shipping charges
$0.00 if order is greater than $40.00, otherwise $7.00. This is calculated on compatible inkjet cartridges, Bulk ink bottles, accessories etc. Original Brand product does not count against the free shipping threshold.


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